Tuesday, August 13, 2013

on the racks: lady gaga is naked head to toe for v magazine [nsfw]

It's obvious we're going to get a whole new Lady Gaga this time around, and... I don't know if I'm intrigued or really just don't care.

Either way, she stripped down everything for a recent shoot with V Magazine. She [seemingly] has little to no make-up on and not many clothes, either.

There will be four different covers for every little monster to collect, but it seems like this could be one of them [unless I suck at research and this is actually old].

There are also more pictures over yonder, between a bunch of words from another language that totally don't matter.

I also can't decide if I think these are beautiful or not. I do think she looks great in the last one, even though she's failing at covering up her nips. Stripping down and showing the real you is always more beautiful than wearing a meat dress, but why the mud? The dark hair isn't working for me either.

...Don't mind me... I'm just over-judging these pictures way too much... and am going to continue to do so.


PS This is her latest date night outfit, so she's not stripping off all of her weird.

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