Tuesday, March 26, 2013

comparing sample packages: birchbox vs. ipsy

For years I've been preaching to the world and my closest friend that Birchbox is the coolest thing since Clarissa.... but then I discovered ipsy. 

I saw people hashtagging [is that really a word these days?] ipsy on random make-up posts on instagram, and decided to look further. Turns out, it's a service just like Birchbox, for the same price! [If you're clueless right now, you pay em $10 a month and they send you a package of goodies/samples!] Everyone seemed to be getting the same things though, as opposed to every Birchbox being different [as far as I can tell when I compare with my friends, anyway].

So obviously I had to sign up, try out a couple months, and make a decision on which one to keep paying for. And obviously I have to share it all with you!

First, the products. In two months of Birchbox, this is what I got:

[The packaging every month includes a cute little box with wrapped things inside, and a postcard to tell you about everything you're getting.]

2 samples of face cream, a little bottle of shampoo, a perfume sample, a little eyelash growing serum, and lip balm, I think, is the last thing.

A nail file, more shampoo, face mask, face serum, and BB cream. 

When I first signed up for Birchbox, I still got a decent amount of face stuff or shampoo, but it wasn't nearly as much as I'm getting now. They did a good job of mixing in full-size nail polishes, lip glosses, eyeliners, etc. All of these I went on to buy after I ran out. Now that I'm getting these facial and hair samples, they go in a box and I use them when I travel and never think about them again. While it's fun to try new products, they're taking up room more than making me excited. 

In three months of ipsy I got: 

[The packaging is always a fun shiny pink, and the products always come in travel make-up bags! While I may not need a ton, they're great for gifts!]
Two eye shadow samples, make-up remover wipes, a moisturizing mist, and a compact mirror with room to hold the eye shadows.

More eye shadow samples, mascara, a face primer, lash card for the mascara, and gel eyeliner. 

Awesome eyeliner brush that I've been using constantly [why it's not in the packaging], combination cuticle/hair serum, body butter, hairspray, and a full-size nail polish not pictured. 

I really don't think I need to say this, but when it comes to the products you receive for $10, ipsy is winning hands-down right now. 

As for the packaging, I don't think it's much of a competition either. Ipsy wins. The travel bags are genius. My only complaint with ipsy at this point is their lack of descriptions of the products. Sometimes I really have no idea how to use what I'm given, which is when Birchbox's little postcard comes in handy.

Beyond the products, looking at the company/offers as a whole, is the only time I really like Birchbox better. I love that you get points for referring people, and if they ever send out your box a little late, they reimburse you. The points can be used towards buying their products, which I've done a couple times.
Ipsy only gives you a discount for the products they send you each month, as far as I can tell. They have a "community" of people who post tips and such, but I never look into it anymore.

I feel so faithful to Birchbox, so if I'm being completely honest with you and myself, I'm not going to cancel it just yet. I have faith/hope that they're just in a bad time right now and will bounce back to the boxes I used to receive.

Obviously, I won't be canceling ipsy either though.. because that's the winner here. 

If you wanna sign up for Birchbox, I'd love for you to click here/use my referral link! [They have one for dudes, too!]
If you wanna sign up for ipsy, click here!

If you're totally obsessed with these type of sites and have more money to spend or want something a little different, there's a long list of similar services right over yonder. 

Enjoy the monthly gifts, cuz I definitely do!


EDIT 5/14: Ipsy now has referral rewards! Right now they're offering an eyeshadow and bracelet if you get two people referred. If these offers keep happening, there's basically no reason to keep Birchbox over ipsy.

So help a girl out and get registered!

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