Tuesday, July 16, 2013

what more of your childhood toys are worth now

Done a lot of these "what are they worth" posts lately, but get ready for more head-hitting prices.

THIS GAME WAS SO CRAZY! I mean, I really don't remember how to play, but I know it was fun.

Oh, just some skateboards that you ride with your fingers... Now worth the triple digits.

Easiest, most simple game ever, but ya never know what those collectors like.

The original Super Soaker. It would never win in a fight with the new things they've come up with, but people are offering some dough.

K'nex Rolle Coasters. The people who buy this for nearly $1,000 must think they're gonna get to ride it.

No one's got street cred like the Street Sharks... obviously worth a lot now since their appearance in Sharknado.

Fisher Price castle, complete with a canon and a hideaway tower.

I mean, these were pretty damn special... so now they're going for $1100.

The smallest doll in all the land, now with a hefty bill.

The original Game Boy best come with some games if I'm going to be paying that kinda money. 

Of course these things can't be considered "worth" all this money unless someone's going to pay that much for them, right? Unless we're playing by "Storage Wars" rules because you never see someone actually buy any of the stuff they find and price out.

Either way... it's time to start hoarding so I can be rich in twenty years... Cuz I know we had at least six of those things that my mom probably threw out three years ago. 


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