Tuesday, July 16, 2013

watch: elders react to twerking

Okay, so we've seen old ladies try to twerk, but this is better. This is a batch of grannies and gramps of all varieties being exposed to twerking, and giving their epic reactions. [Yeah, I'm still saying epic- get off me.]

First of all, Don and Rock are the freakin' MANS! [Saying men seemed weird.] They made me laugh the most. [And Granddad's name is Don, so that's obviously where the awesome comes from.]

"I can't move like that, bro!" Oh my goodness, I almost lost it.

Then we get the "we get excited about an ankle or a wrist, but a booty, upside, shaking to the music? HELLO! We explode!" A little TMI, dude... but I loved every word of it.

My stomach seriously hurts from laughing. I love it. So much.


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