Tuesday, April 30, 2013

beyond the real world portland cameras: answers with averey

FINALLY I got a podcast set up to get a closer look at this new-ish season of Real World!

You all voted for her to be the first one, and I [eventually] made it happen!

Of course I had to ask her about the details of her and Johnny getting together, but I also really wanted to know more about her roommates. Is there any realness to Nia? Is anyone's sexuality questioned throughout the season? What is Jess like in person?

SHOCKING!: She says Jordan isn't as big of a douche as he's portrayed. I find that hard to believe, but I'll try and take her word for it for now.

I always liked Averey, but after talking to her.. she's one of the most real, and dare I say normal roommates I've ever talked to. She doesn't ever seem to be exaggerating something for a camera or an interview, she's just being her. And "her" is cool.

Next week/time I wanna get even deeper into some of these crazy people, so comment or tweet me with questions/comments. I have a feeling we're gonna need to know a lot more than what's being shown pretty soon.