Thursday, January 3, 2013

what ya wearin new years eve! and wednesday 010213

Happy 2013! We survived 2012, and the festivities of New Year's Eve! Yay us!

We also looked damn good while doing it! Here are the pics for this special edition of "What Ya Wearin!"

@TamoSein was rockin' this hott dress while working!

@itamelendez was also rockin' a tight, little black dress with some lines

I LOVE @_maryliza's gold dress, and the fact that she paired it with those funky, colorful shoes. I'm way too boring to think of something like that. 

Trudee on Facebook and her friends all look so cute in 3 major trends! High/low skirt, peplum, and chevron!

Dana's funky paisley is perfect for the funky-ness of NYE, right?!

I feel like @BrookeonHOT's outfit may have been Pinspired, or she's just great at putting things together. Love it!

John [in the red shirt/jacket] looks great with dressy on top, jeans on the bottom! And red!

@RomulaLynn's outfit was Pinspired! She added her own little twists to make it more "her."

I couldn't believe it when @MandyJOnAir said she got this perfect LC dress for $12 at Kohl's! I'm totally rushing over there this afternoon. 

@toribabyy14's shirt is to die for! Love the sparkles, bow, ruffles, all of it! And her earrings are LC's, so...

Joy [in the middle] and her friends were at the "sequins and bow ties" party I went to! I love all of their outfits, but I was obsessed with the gold/fur on the right as soon as I saw it. She said it's all from H&M, and the gold is actually a dress! When it didn't cover her booty, she got the white to go on top.

As for me, I didn't have the time or money to go out shopping for a new outfit [even though it's one of two times a year I normally allow myself to do such a thing], but when I saw this outfit on Pinterest, I knew exactly what to do. 

-sequin tank from F21 for $12
-leather skirt from F21 clearance for $6
-black tights from who knows where
-basic black pumps from some shoe store for $20
-[I forgot to get close-ups of my earrings, and totally forgot to wear my necklace. One day I'll do this right!]
TOTAL: About $45ish

NAILS: "Champagne Bubbles," as I named them. 

What a Slutty little photobomb!
-Gold base
-one layer of gold sparkles
-two layers of silver/blue sparkles. YAY GLITTER!

I also rocked way darker eyes than I usually do. Up close, I love them... but I still can't tell that I love them in the main picture. 

Tori asked me to do a tutorial, and since I tend to do my make-up by just adding layers and layers [with my fingers] until it looks right, I figured the only/best way to "teach you" is to do that color-coded outlining deal. The color of the oval/arrow is the color I put there. It's hard to see in the pic, but the tip of my lid is actually a really dark gray with some purple on top of it.

Unfortunately I had to take my first ever sick day [gasp! How will I win "Never Have I Ever" now?!], so I didn't get dressed for WYWW, and I'm thinking that's also the reason you all didn't either. [Or you were still a little hungover.] BUT! I finally have a new weekly club night and that kicked off on Tuesday, so I did another New Year's-eqsue outfit.

Yeah, I basically flipped my other outfit upside down, didn't do anything to my hair besides re-do the twist, and remembered to wear a necklace. 
-gold, black, and silver necklace from Charlotte Russe for $8
-black tee [my most favorite shirt I own] for $7 from F21
-gold skirt from F21 for.. $17 maybe?
-black booties from for $18

 Now, onto YOUR Wednesday pics!
@Siarrahhh's dogs were too cute in some sweaters!

@RomulaLynn says this is her new favorite color, and I don't blame her! Lovin' those bangles. 

@CharmingRogue3's Spiderman glasses ARE pretty sweet... but the nose-picking sir.... Not gonna get you a lady! [Actually.... a lady who loves a funny guy might holler at you.]

And @JaceBarrow was looking cute, AGAIN!, in a sweater and skirt!

 Whew! What a couple weeks it's been, right?! The blog will be 100% back to "normal" on Monday, with your outfits still featured every Wednesday! If you ever want to be featured with a "Pinspiration," you know what to do!


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Panty Buns said...

You and what you wore look fantastic as always Elizabethany! It amazes me how you put together a look like that for such a low price! While you were multi-tasking, working, partying, blogging, and being a celebrity superstar, I was photographing and videotaping myself for my customer full brief panty review blog and video posts. I'm pretty sure every one of my blouse-and-panty outfits cost me more than your entire outfit - you are an amazing shopper. I'll gladly email you pics of what I was wearing (still am this Wednesday, sitting here typing in blouse and panties), but I'm not sure that's what you were looking for to post? I went ahead and released my photos and videos into the public domain.
Have a wonderfully healthy, successful and Happy New Year and keep right on being the wonderful celebrity self! Love it. :D