Thursday, January 24, 2013

watch: 18 things that actually exist

This video is going to make you say WTF, it's also gonna have you amazed, and then when you get to #16, you're gonna laugh your ass off.

I've tweeted about a few of these things, but for the most part it's new knowledge to me!

BINOCULAR SOCCER?! SERIOUSLY?! Hot damn those Asians are effing smart. Ellen needs to jump on board and make that her new game.


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Panty Buns said...

These clips are funny. I have questions about a couple of them. Um, is that toilet themed restaurant a good idea? A slightly senile senior citizen or someone who'd had too many drinks might try to use one of those seats while dining to --- eewwww! About that DeLorean hovercraft: Are they noisy and how many different kinds of licenses do you need to drive one? If it were quiet enough I'd love one. You found some pretty funny stuff! Yeah, I can imagine Ellen coming up with a kooky game that would make your list for sure!