Wednesday, January 23, 2013

what ya wearin wednesday 012313

Oooh, this was a good week! I don't even need to say any more, just see for yourself!

I am OBSESSED with @karaamoore's dress! 

@danchiz looks amazing as always with his sweater, plaid, and bowtie!

It's a hella cold day, and @showmewhytheycallyouruthless is beyond prepared and looking cute in layers!

@BusterRadio and @AydiosMijo look overdressed for a studio, but good in their button-downs and ridiculous poses! ;)

I LOVE @kelsey_alyce's combo of everything! The pants and feminine everything, but the boots toughen it up!

I have got to get me some of those printed tights that @simplysarah4 is wearing!

Look how comfy-cute @brittany_linder looks in that tie-up cardigan!

@toribabyy14 added on to her original Pinspired mint jeans outfit to make it fitting for this freezing day! 

@jannashepherd was lucky and warm in Texas, and rockin' a cute pattern!

GET. OUT. right?!?! How stinking cute is @siarrahhh's pup in it's little hoodie?! I can't even deal.

Moustafa on Facebook bundled up with long-johns and wool socks. Smart man.

Also obsessed with @KaciKruz's outfit! She got that blue blazer for $20, and I love pairing it with the graphic tee and grey booties!

More combat boots on @cadyeimer today! It contrasts the lacy stripes well!

@HazzaHasSwag was lucky with no school today! Got to stay in PJ's!

@ainsleeboswell "just threw this together," but you'd never know! Looks awesome!

And @ksnedegar said she was "grandma-ish" today, but I don't think so! Those bows on the shoes are fabulous!

It's hard to live up to all of those ridiculously cute outfits today, but I had mint on my mind after the post the other day.

-blouse from Target clearance, about $15
-belt free on a dress at F21
-I went back to get these jeans from Papaya because they're the same as my red ones that I've been loving so much. Unfortunately, I think I got the wrong size-- $16

My scarf was a gift from one of my best guy friend's, straight from the streets of Cambodia! Didn't he do a fantastic job picking it out?! Totally one of my faves now!

 And these shoes I got at F21 Clearance for only $10 yesterday!

I'm so excited about this post! You guys are beautiful! Feel free to set an alarm for yourself every Wednesday like some people do! It'll remind you to send me your pics, and I wanna see more of your face!

[On a scale of 1-10, how creepy do I sound right now?!]


PS: Follow me on Pinterest! I pin a lot of the outfits on here!

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Panty Buns said...

You didn't make it onto the creepy scale at all. Wow, you and your followers have really gotten into the fashionista scene - getting really dolled up for your "what ya wearin wednesday"s. Some of those outfits are really lovely (I like the first one). I'm not on pinterest instagram or Facebook and I think my outfits might be a wee bit out of place on your posts (they'd probably make the creepy scale) so I guess I won't be sending any outfit pics, but I enjoy looking at yours.