Thursday, December 27, 2012

what ya wearin wednesday [and christmas!] 122612

It's the final WYWW of the year! OH EM GEE! [But we get to have a full 50+ of them in 2013! How exciting is that?!]

First up, some people sent me what they wore on Christmas Day! [Don't forget, I'll be doing the same for New Year's Eve! So send me pics of your outfits that night! Or the next day, if you'd rather include your full-on party look.]

@mdefunk's A-line dress is from Forever21! Love the red belt and jewelry to make it festive. That dress could be done so many ways!

@moirgirl looked so cute and elf-tastic while having to work! And I think a *raise the roof!* is in order.

@toribabyy14 is adorable with that jacket and new bow earrings to match the bow in her hair! Bonus: her pants were sparkly!

@michael_riehm got a Santa suit for Christmas, and obviously had to wear it all day!

And for me, I went full out festive colors. 
[How great does that new camera look in my hands?! I'm so excited! Never mind the cluster that is my old room]
Simple outfit:
-White lace dress from Ross for under $15
-Red tights from Love Culture for $6
-Green scarf from the streets of NYC, I think. 
-Bell and ribbon earrings from Dollar Tree
-Shoes: NONE. I was inside all day.

ALSO, I asked everyone to help me pick which Pinterest nails to try, and these were the winners/my version of them! I kinda love how it turned out! All you need is strips of tape over the white for the stripes! Then paint the red right over, wait for it to dry, and peel it off!
I also tried the whole "stick your nails in ice water to dry them quicker" trick, and it's a freaking keeper! I can't tell you how great/quick that was!

Before we get into the actual WEDNESDAY of this, I will admit I did not get dressed. Well, not really. It was snowing/raining all day, I was traveling and working, so a hoodie and rain boots got the job done. These people looked fab, though!

Okay, okay. I HAD to include my boo Trey Songz. As if I didn't think we needed to get in each other's pants already, he posts this picture. Mmmm.

@matty_may757 was also sporting his Redskins spirit with a brand new RG3 jersey!

@jannashepherd got a new sweater, scarf, and socks for Christmas, and obviously couldn't wait to wear them! Don't forget the new, awesome way to tie the scarves!

@tricciardelli was reppin some NYC love. I tried to tell him the West F#@*in Virginia shirts were better, but the silly man didn't believe me.

@Madi_1Derful got a brand new varsity jacket! I kinda love that they're coming back.

WHEW! That took too long to post, sorry for the delay! Now onward to the New Year!


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Panty Buns said...

Loved your lace dress, red tights and green scarf! It was a lovely christmas outfit - and I think women aiming cameras in my direction look HOT! As you probably know, I do male-modeled customer lingerie review posts (I just uploaded 6 of them to YouTube early on News Years day. Since its all blouse-and-panty outfits I doubt that you'd want me to email my Christmas outfit in, but you can see them in my latest blog post A Briefs Update Part 4 - with Customer Lingerie Review Videos.
I hope you have a wonderful and very Happy New Year! Don't be shy about blabbing about me if you want! Love your blog.