Wednesday, December 26, 2012

until next year, i give you this!

I normally take a solid two weeks off from the blog around this time, but I couldn't do it this year. BUT.. I will be taking a mini-break until 2013 is here!

My show will go on, my tweets will continue, #WhatYaWearinWednesday will still happen, but I'll also be doing a lot of #EBflashback to reminisce on 2012!

Follow me on Twitter and keep up with the hashtag! I'll be looking back at the biggest posts of the year in case you missed them or just wanna remember the good times. Normally I do one big post, but this year I'm going to annoy improve your timeline.

It's probable that I'll make a personal post about my year and my favorite moments within the next week, but until then- let me know what you've liked, RT me, or just be my friend. Kthanks.


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