Thursday, December 20, 2012

what ya wearin wednesday 121912

YOU GUYS! Less than a week 'til Christmas! And it's pretty obvious in today's outfits. Lots of red! I love red! Red's my favorite!

How awesome is @BrandoNichole's red and green?! I'm obsessed.

@mdefunk loves scarves, but so do I! What's boot season without scarf season?!

Look at the shoes @erindawn97 is rockin! Werk 'em!

@Lifeinalocket was inspired by Santa! Red pants, black boots! [Twins!]

@JaceBarrow had to brave the Texas weather... Silly, cute southerners.

Joy, my hairdresser, did a little color blocking and a zebra belt! I need blue pants.

Chessie's shirt as so adorable! Love the one shoulder and the sequins!

Meghan was excited to me my first preggo girl on WYWW! She looks so good!

I pressured @JannaShepherd into not skipping a week, so she took this cute selfie while out to dinner!

@MoganLowerss143 had to dress up as Susan B Anthony for school!

@RomulaLynn was making Snooki proud with zebra/bedazzled crutches!

Look how good and clean @RudeBrandon looks "on his work flow!"

@Siarrahhh had a vintage day with her old jean jacket and a tee from her uncle when he was growing up!

And @BrookeonHOT looked cute in a simple shirt, jeans, and boots.. with awesome snake-patterned scarf!

As for me, I was feeling the red spirit, too!

I originally wanted the mix of patterns with the scarf, but felt it was a bit much for a simple office setting, so brought the necklace along too. The jacket is actually more tan than it appears, and next time I will be going with different shoes.

-No idea where the scarf is from, but I doubt I paid more than $5 for it.
-Lace tank: $3 at Ross
-Tan blazer: $6 at F21 clearance
-Red jeans [the most awesome, comfortable, stretchy, ass enhancing pants ever] from Papaya $15
-Black ankle boots from JC Penney $20
-Red necklace- $.99 at Body Central; black/gold/silver necklace from Charlotte Russe $5

I also got my hair re-did yesterday, hence it looking all dark and my bangs actually looking like bangs! If you're in the Hampton Roads area, I've said it before and I'll say it 100 more times, call Joy at Hair Graphics. She's the bomb.

Next week will be the day after Christmas so I'm sure you'll all have fancy new outfits to show off! YAY!

I'm also thinking of doing special Christmas and New Year's Eve editions of "What Ya Wearin," so send me your outfits once you're all dressed!


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