Tuesday, November 20, 2012

pinspired outfits: a skirt kinda weekend

I'm a little behind in posting these this week, but someone once told me "better late than never!"

This past weekend was one of those weekends I actually felt like getting dressed. [Okay, that's half a lie. It's mostly because the outfits I pin are either really plain, or dressy...]

Friday's outfit was pinspired by an "interview outfit," but I don't know if my rendition would be so appropriate. Then again, the last time I had an official interview was... a long time ago.

I originally planned on wearing my orange pumps/clutch, but it was too bright. Had to bring down the brightness of the button-down with these terribly uncomfortable shoes.

-skirt from Forever21 for like $8 [get it now!]
-mint blouse from Target clearance for $14 [similar]
-shoes from JustFab BOGO, $20 [similar]
-clutch from NY&C, no more than $10 [similar]

I do really love the outfit, but I'm beyond confused on where to wear it in the future when I don't have a Pinterest challenge to blame. If you're in a workplace that isn't fancy or super casual, I feel like this would be good for you!

Also, normally stripes make me feel a little wide, but this one hides my "pouch" that I hate so much more than the next one.. and both make my booty look fantastic. [My legs, on the other hand, need a serious tan and good workout.]

I used to get all of my purses and clutches at NY&C on sale or clearance... until I moved here. The sale and accessories sections suck at my mall.

Saturday's outfit came from a pin I used to worry would never be recreated. Though it's not dead-on, it's totally pinspired, and I love it!

-skirt- again from Forever21, $9 [with sequins for $13 or same one]
-off the shoulder tee from Papaya for $8
-LC Lauren Conrad jacket for $25 at Kohls
-shoes from Target $20
-earrings from Body Central $1

I really hate long sleeves. The jacket doesn't stay on forever, which makes me wish I would have thrown on some necklaces, but I thought my earrings would be enough. Must. Learn. to Accessorize.

The skirt isn't sequins, which makes it a little more comfortable, but it definitely shows all the flaws or lines from shirts being tucked in. Underwear's gotta be optional with this baby.

Mint colored feather earrings and a simple french braid back completed [or so I originally thought] everything.

Neither outfit is perfectly like the original, but keep in mind the reason I do this is to show you don't have to go shopping or have every identical piece in your closet to get your "dream closet" on Pinterest. [I need to make sure I write this down and tape it to my credit card come Friday.]


PS: Any suggestions are welcome, as usual! Thanks for voting for which shoes I shoulda worn with the last skirt! Big help for next time!


Unknown said...

Girl, the booty is too phat!
Nice outfits!

Anonymous said...

You got a phat juicy booty!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, those outfits are cuuuuute!
they really do show of that badonkadonk of yours!!

Shake it gurl

Anonymous said...

That ass is too phat!