Monday, November 12, 2012

pinspired outfit: striped sweater and boots

Another season is here finally hitting this area, so it's time to do another Pinspired Challenge!

Even though it was actually 70 degrees today, it's been a lot cooler, so I feel more comfortable wearing boots and warmer clothes!

I think I have my entire 10 days already planned out, and many of the outfits I should be able to match almost identically, but today I used a pin strictly for inspiration, not to copy-cat.

This is the original outfit, costing $267 for the items I "copied."

Instead of using a cardigan, I found an awesome short-sleeved sweater that buttons down the BACK. 

The sweater is actually a neat material/woven style that I've never worn before..

  • Sweater from Forever21 for $5 [Clearance is an extra 50% off right now! This was originally $22!] 
  • Jeans also from Forever21 for $10
  • Boots from for $17 [Similar from Charlotte Russe]
  • TOTAL= $32
I don't have the variety of accessories to pump up an outfit which makes me sad, but I can't come to terms with spending the amount of money on a necklace/bracelet as I could on a shirt or jeans. Maybe one day I'll come around, but until then, I'll accept them as Christmas presents! *wink wink*

When I was creating this outfit, I realized that you could really turn any cardigan into a button down back and vice versa! Take out the tags, and it could really transform an outfit! If you're going out, how great would it be to have a low cut back? I'm definitely going to be trying it. 

Also, these boots are my 'gettin dirty' boots. They definitely show some wear and tear, but I think that's how they're supposed to be. I'm certainly not mad about it for once. 

It's a hella simple outfit, and not the most-exact for pinspiration, but I enjoy it! Plus- it gave me more ideas for the future. YAY!


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