Tuesday, October 23, 2012

photo diary: my annual trip to morgantown

Last week I wondered if it was as "uncool" to go back to college after graduation and party like you're still a student... cuz ya know, the college kids going back to high school parties is like SO LAME.

Too bad I didn't care. I've been going to Morgantown at least once a year SINCE I graduated, and still owning the town.

I didn't plan on posting anything about the trip, but I got some pretty amazing pictures that I just have to share.

This is us olds' "victory pic," after beating the youngins in a game of what I call "Relay For Life." [I know... a drinking game called that... it's just wrong.]

As my BFF Mandy said- You know sweet baby Jesus is a Mountaineer when there's a sunset like that. Perfection. 

Corey and Rob's first experience in Morgantown! 

Silly school officials putting up "NO OPEN FIRES" signs and acting like we won't change them. #CouchBurnerForLife

Both of those are from my brother's house. Pictures don't even do the views justice most of the time.

I was too busy pretending like I'm not a grown-up with a "professional" job to take crazy party pics, but I like all of those better anyway. I can party any time. I can't burn off all my drinking calories from one night in one single walk home every weekend.


PS: I refuse to acknowledge the outcome of the game, so you shut your mouth, mmmmkay?!

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