Thursday, October 25, 2012

what ya wearin wednesday 102412

It's only week 2 of What You Wearin Wednesday, and I'm lovin that people are tweeting me their bods! Err... outfits. 

Yesterday was mostly comfortable for everyone sending me pics. 

@audreyz_mom was totally rockin what I call the EB-face, and a cute tee!

I can't even stand how cute all of @jannashepherd's outfits are. This one she got on sale from LC Lauren Conrad at Kohls!

@BrookeOnHot makes even a sweatshirt and running shoes look good!

@Siarrahhh said she loves her job... Assuming that says Buffalo Wild Wings, I DO TOO!

Speaking of job, one of my coworkers @JoolRee looked cute at the farm!

And Heather got comfortable while Brandon got nerdy.

I completely forgot to take an outfit pic, but as the kickoff to Halloween week, I rocked a Katy Perry wig and just some colorful clothes. Part Katy Perry, part Rainbow Brite? I have no idea... but a $5 Purple wig from Five Below is fun.

Now I finally have something to look forward to on Wednesdays [besides the Challenge/Real World, of course]! Hopefully you do, too!

And if you ever need fashion inspiration, here's some to check out!


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