Thursday, October 25, 2012

then and now: more crushes from the 90s

I've posted what some of the biggest heartthrobs from the 90s look like now, but Buzzfeed is helping me out with showing you what some guys and girls are looking like now!

The Pink Ranger/Amy Jo Johnson looks the exact same. 

Atreyu from "The Never Ending Story"... is just a whole different person.

Smart Kid Tahj Mowry may have been young then, but hott damn I wanna break me off a piece of that now.

Didn't see that coming from Winnie Cooper. 

Kirk Cameron makes a hotttt older Mike Seaver, but a douchey one. 

Benny/Mike Vitar aged, but is recognizable anywhere. 

Didn't see this coming from Haley Joel Osment, either. Yikes.

Pretty sure everyone knows what she looks like today, but can we mention how Topanga DOESN'T AGE?!

Once a sex pot, always a sex pot for Wendy Peffercorn.

And maybe the most disappointing one for me, JTT looks the exact same, but he is everything but attractive to me. He's let himself go... right into the world of nasty smokers. 

You can see more of them here [many of which I've posted in other posts]. Don't let your heart get broken too much. 


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