Wednesday, February 15, 2012

podcast: bombarding odu students and invading their privacy

Since getting callers on the topics I do every day is so unpredictable, I had the idea to take it in my own hands and just find people in public to talk to/put on the show.

I went to ODU last week and found random students outside and asked them a variety of different things- both random and what I talked about throughout the week.

I asked where they had sex, if they'd hook up with Snooki, what they thought about vagina lipstick, and what they wanted for Valentine's Day... amongst other things. The answers were more amazing than I could have imagined.

"I'm already pink enough" is now a quote that will forever be one of my favorites/replayed on my show. Freakin' great. And some of the guys I talked to were ROTC students which had me a little apprehensive, but they were hilarious. Imagine finding out your boyfriend wanted to have a threesome with your best friend...

This will be happening once or twice a week now, and hopefully I'll be traveling to different schools/areas. Once the summer is here, I can only imagine what the tourists will have in store for me.

Let me know if you thought it was as funny/entertaining as I did!


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