Wednesday, February 15, 2012

watch: the local morning news shared my ellen's dance dare video!

AH! Could I be one step closer?! This morning I got a tweet from Blaine Stewart, one of the anchors at News Channel 3 here in Hampton Roads [which just HAPPENS to be the same channel Ellen is on in the afternoons!], and he told me they'd be showing my video live on the morning show!

Here's what they played: First, the teaser, then the story-

HAHAHA, not going to lie, I'm not surprised people are commenting on my gyration and humping [someone on their FB page really didn't like it], and I wouldn't be surprised if that has something to do with Ellen not showing it, but hey- I was doing the white girl! Plus, when you're in the moment and have no music but the crazy, no-sense-making beats in your head, regular dance moves don't even seem right, nor fun.

I gotta thank Blaine and that whole team for sharing it! Hopefully it'll get some more local views. I'm still very low on them compared to others [I can't figure out why! :(], so feel free to watch it a bunch more times! I hate being obnoxious.


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