Wednesday, February 8, 2012

nifty?: lipstick for your hoo-ha

Maybe I'm just a little sheltered [which I'm pretty sure is not the case here], but I don't see the need for lipstick for your vagina. BUT... it exists. And it's called "My New Pink Button."

Okay, so they don't call it lipstick, they say it's a temporary dye! I didn't realize we lost pinkness in our vajay as we got older, ladies, but apparently it's a real problem and everyone is worried about it.

They also mentioned that if you wanted to get a man in trouble, you could always put this on and it'll show up on his wein when he goes home to his woman. Two things about that: you should not be hooking up with taken men, you also shouldn't be the one to punish him, soooo..... take that reason to get it out of the equation, ya hoe.

Am I wrong to think this is a bit much?! Tell me if so. I wanna be enlightened! [NO pun intended]


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