Monday, February 13, 2012

what i think about the grammy awards' red carpet, and rick ross' v-neck

Because I tweeted damn near 50 times last night during the Grammy's [or so it seems], I'm not going to tell you everything I thought. You can go look if you'd like.

BUT... I didn't get to talk about the red carpet, and we obviously need to.

Here's what I loved, hands down:

She can do NO wrong, and she's channeling her inner Faith Hill, which is a pretty great decision.

Another reason Kelly Rowland deserves more credit in the music industry. Beautiful.

NEVER thought I'd put Paris in a category of looking good at the Grammy's, but homegirl did it right. I hope that doesn't mean her album will be good. I don't think I could support that.

Nothing bad to say about this lady... even when there's snot coming out of her nose.

Hate the hair, but look at that body! Damn gurl.

These actually leave me a little undecided on my feelings:

I kinda wanna put this in the "good" pile, but I won't. A lot of people HATED her for wearing bebe on the red carpet, but like she said- it's her. Plus, I thought she looked rather pretty.

Sure, it's an ugly outfit, but she's not dressing like a man, and if you take off that netting, her face is actually pretty. I commend her for not being an attention whore.

T-Swift and Gaga in this category! Can you believe it?! I think this dress had potential. It's pretty, and I do enjoy the heart at the chest. I think she had great hair for it, too... but where the f are her boobs?! Plus, it's Taylor.

Alicia Keys rarely looks bad, but I'm hating this hair on her. Swizz Beats and that purple velour jacket- I'm kinda in love with it. Not everyone can pull that off.

And these are just stupid decisions:

Miss Linda Ramone. She's like part Ashley Olsen, part Reba, part Zenon, part saggier boobs than Betty White.

As I said last night, it's like her main focus is outdoing Lady Gaga these days. She had to make some weird red carpet entrance that tied into her performance just like the egg, but no one liked it. It was stupid and rather pointless. Leave the pope outta this.

I'm sorry... is that a doily, Fergie? Did you get this as a DIY idea on Pinterest?

I coulda let the dress slide, Robyn... then you had to wear the platform Tim's.

I've been saying that Katy is so pretty she can pull off the blue hair, but not this time. The roots showing is tacky. The blue on blue is not a good look.. and the style of her dress makes her look a bit larger, am I right?

But THIS.... is the best outfit I saw all night.

RICK ROSS. IN A V-NECK. And that pose! Stop it and get out of town. I haven't giggled so hard at an outfit in a long time.

Overall, it was a decent show. I'm not mad about Adele winning so much, especially after she thanked radio. Not many pop stars will do that. The only thing I ask for next year: A little less "reminiscing" on the music from 40 years ago. Bring back the 90s music for reminiscing purposes, kthanks.


PS: Pictures found on Buzzfeed, in case you wanna see more.

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