Thursday, April 14, 2011

watch: the audrina patridge show trailer kinda sucks

Audrina never really had a great story to add to The Hills, but she's gorgeous and I liked her anyway. Plus- she can make a line at Sears look AMAZING.

Now she's got her own show on VH1 [even though no one will pick up LC's.. dumb] premiering this weekend, and we have an extended trailer.

She lost me after talking about how big of a celebrity she is. That's not cool. You're famous for looking good and being emotional- don't sit here and call yourself a celebrity. We know what you are.

Her mom makes the family dysfunctional, so maybe that'll be interesting, just like all the Housewives... but other than that it doesn't look like a show I'll be needing to keep up with every day. I'd probably rather watch the Kardashians.

I'll give it a chance, but I definitely don't like her after the looks of that trailer.


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