Thursday, November 4, 2010

flashback: the most ridiculous pictures of boy bands

For my 90s Dance Party hour on Candy 95 today, I did a boy band theme and it absolutely made my day. Apparently it made a lot of other days, too. A TON of people texted in thanking me for turning their day around.

Truth is- The 90s boy bands were amazing and impossible to duplicate. No group will ever be able to do what they all did, especially the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC. They're classic.

Also classic: The pictures each boy band took for their albums, magazine shoots, whatever it was they were shooting for. Seriously. Take a look down boy band memory lane:

Backstreet Boys

Looking through the top of your sunglasses=badass, duh.

I mean... Why NOT take a picture all dressed up at a urinal?!

This is Halloween......... right??!...
The cutest little Santas you'll ever see

They say a girl loves a man who loves his stuffed animals...

The diversity here is epic! Different jerseys! Do I spy Texas A&M on Brian?!

On, Nick... You're such a devil with that tight belly shirt.

Showing the boxers elastic+Nick's hair+backwards hat+open shirts=sexiest thing EVER

"AJ... I want you to thrust your junk into my ear a little more. Yeah, there ya go." -Nick

So delicate.


All black, no smiles, a little bit of pleather and see-through sunglasses= SO hard.

Having a sleepover and canoodling with 4 other dudes= not hard.

Them jerry curls are beautiful, Justin. And Lance- we knew you were gay at the first site of this picture.

Well if this doesn't scream amateur photography, I don't know what does... And Lance, you're beautiful.


Let's all curl up in an American flag and have Justin bend over in front of us.

It's like Dave Chapelle+Ke$ha+the Titanic...

If there was a poster to represent 90s style, this picture would be involved.

Please, Justin... Hold my head. And remember, everyone- frosted tips= the key to success.

and 98 Degrees

Turtlenecks turn me on

They rocked the all red suit DECADES before Kanye.

Please, PLEASE perform at my bachelorette party, boys.

There's that black pleather and hard look again.

HURRY! Let's drown the ugly member of the group!

Ahhh, the good ol' days. Feels good to reminisce, doesn't it?! I heart the 90s. Thank you, boy bands, for being the heart and soul of my life... right there with pop princesses.


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