Tuesday, March 16, 2010

tunes on tuesday 031610

I could use some really great, new music right now. My playlist is already overplayed. Ut oh.

Thank you, Tuesday. Take it away.

Usher ft. will.i.am--> OMG

There's something about the beat that's bothering me. I think it's the random people screaming or something. It's annoying. C'mon Usher. You don't need all these effects. You're better than that.

Travie McCoy ft. Bruno Mars--> Billionaire

Ohh, this is different! And no, I didn't mean TraviS, it's Travie. I totally enjoy this song. I enjoy that they say freakin'. Teehee.

The Dream--> Love King

I like The Dream's voice a lot. Again, these guys are adding too many effects and too many sounds to the beats and stuff that take away from the song. I'm really missing my 90s music right now. For this period in music, it's not a bad song.

TI--> I'm Back

Oh yea, TI?! You're back?! It's very TI. If you like TI, you'll like this song. That's all I'll say.

Dan Black ft. Kid Cudi--> Symphonies

This seems kind of boring to me. It may grow on me, but as of right now I'm not a fan.

Charice--> Pyramid

Woah. This is the chic from Oprah that was the Most Talented Kid and sang with her idol- Celine Dion!!! I would NOT have expected a song like this from her. It's not bad... Very Jordin Sparks.

Vita Chambers--> Young Money

Watch out, Rihanna. This chic is from Barbados, too! I think she's prettier, too. This song is totally fun.

Aaron Fresh--> Spending All My Time

This kid is 16!! Is he going to be another Justin Bieber?! I enjoy his voice, for sure. Aw. I like.

Allison Iraheta--> Scars

I'm definitely an Allison Iraheta fan. She's very "Pink," but younger anddd... I just like her. This song is really good.

Bret Michaels ft. Miley Cyrus--> Nothing to Lose

Anyone else find it weird that these two have a song together?! It's actually not bad, but it's still weird to say Bret Michaels featuring Hannah Montana.

Jason Castro--> That's What I'm Here For
Seriously.. Whoever says American Idol does nothing for singers... You fail. I love this guy. I love his music.

Lady Gaga--> Alejandro
Here's your next overplayed song on the radio, folks. Blah. I'm over her, I think.

The Harters--> Jenny
These co-ed country groups are about to take over. These guys are good, too.

Gary Allan--> Get Off On the Pain
It's fun, a little bit rocker, and totally enjoyable. The lyrics are something I haven't heard before... Or at least in a while.

Trailer Choir--> Rollin' Through the Sunshine
Oohhh, is this a new fun summertime song?! I will absolutely be blasting this in my car very soon.

Eli Young Band--> Guinevere

They say this is the best song they have to offer. It's definitely pretty and good, but slow. Not that slow is bad... Just sayin'.

Lonestar--> You're the Reason Why
Lonestar! I love them! This is so good. I love it.

Ah! There's SO much more new music I want to share, but I have to hurry today! I apologize! Maybe I can do a quick round 2 soon! Let me know if you want me to!

So excited for this playlist!


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