Tuesday, March 16, 2010

on the racks: kim kardashian does fhm

April's issue of FHM [Australia] makes a pretty bold statement... They say their cover girl has the best body on Earth.

You should know by now my feelings for little Kimmy here. I'm not too big of a fan. [It may or may not be because of me being jealous that she's dating Reggie Bush. Mmm..] You should also know how I feel about this "award."

Actually, you may not. I think she does have a pretty smokin' body. Not uber skinny, not fat... A little Photoshop and she's good to go right?!

Here's the "proof" FHM offers inside the magazine:

True: Her body's hott. True: Her face isn't the most gorgeous ever. Debatable: She has the hottest body on the planet.

You tell me:

I think I could find people with a better, more toned, less cottage-cheesey body. I still think her sister Kourtney is better.. and so do many of you.