Wednesday, March 17, 2010

you know how to celebrate st. patty's day if...

I could have helped you by posting these absolutely amazing items that are 100% necessary if you plan on having the best St. Patrick's Day party ever, but that would have been cheating. Instead, I shall use it as a checklist.

So... If you have any of these items, you're pretty cool. If you have most of them, I think we should be friends. If you have all of them, I bow down to you, and you and I need to be BFFs. Pronto.

1. This T-shirt.
It may not be the weekend, but who really cares when you're drunk?! It's fabulous, and it absolutely nullifies the don't-wear-stupid-logo-shirts rule.

2. Das boot.
Duh. How can you honestly say you're havin' a bangin' drinking party without it?!

3. The Hopside Down glass
Just because it's cool and different, and the host shall never drink out of a Solo cup. You're better than that.

4. Reef sandals with built in flask.
This is absolutely the most important thing on this list. You thought your bottle opener sandals were cool? That's so last decade.

5. Beer mug purse
C'mon... It's a holiday! You've got to get decked out, even if you look absolutely ridiculous.

6. Spinning beer pong rack
Ummm... AWESOME. I'm so bored of regular beer pong. Spicing it up is way better. Spinning rack?! Fannntastic.

7. The Bongzilla
6 beer bongs all in one! It even has it's own stand, and stoppers! This is the most beautiful piece of drinking fun I've ever seen.

So... Holler if you have any of these pieces of gold. I'm still looking for something to do tonight, and I'm open to anything involving such fun.

Remeber: Be safe tonight, kids.


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