Wednesday, March 24, 2010

life lessons 032410

Spring brings out the crazy in everyone, but I'd rather not see everyone act like complete fools all the time.

Okay... That's a lie. I'd actually enjoy that quite a bit.

Still... I'll try and save you from it a little with these life lessons, thanks to others' misfortune.

1. If you're too cheap to buy a home-gym, don't assume your friend will do the trick.


Friend FAIL. At least they'll be sore for a couple days, right?!

2. If you're going to blow something up, use your noggin.


Hey... Uh... Dude... You know when you blow things up they normally explode right?! Like... outwards...

3. As a professional cheerleader/dancer, make sure to practice what to do when there's a woopsies.

At least she got back up, right?! Another friend fail, though?

4. Be afraid. Be very afraid of revolving doors.


Did you jump out of your seat like me?!

Moral of today overall is trust no one, including yourself.


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