Wednesday, March 24, 2010

because you want to know: american idol top 11

I missed out on telling you how I feel last week, but I'm not missing out today!

Last night's Idol was... Well.... It was very typical for this season: Not that exciting. The show has officially jumped shark. I don't blame Simon for wanting to leave.

I'll just jump right into it. Let's pretend I'm an Idol judge on last night's show.

Lee Dewyze--> The Letter
Homeboy, you really need to gain some confidence and learn how to SMILE on stage! Man. Your voice is amazing. You're hott. You picked an eh song, but like Ellen said... It's like your favorite pen is back after losing it for a while.

Paige Miles--> Against All Odds
Woah. Girlfriend. That.... was not good. I'm wondering why you're here right now. Coming out on the moving staircase is not going to give the illusion of your worth.

Tim Urban--> Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Haha! I liked the sliding and the performance! It was quirky and fun, but yeah.. The vocals need to step it up a notch.

Aaron Kelly--> Don't Want To Miss A Thing
Great song choice! You weren't so annoying to me tonight! Probably my favorite of yours so far, even though you're sick.

Crystal Bowersox--> Me and Bobby McGee
You, my friend, are in a league of your own right now. You don't have to do anything to put on a good performance and you blow everyone away. Next time you bring the carpet, get wild and go barefoot!

Big Mike--> When A Man Loves A Woman
You put me in a trance and I can't get out. That was absolutely beautiful.

Andrew Garcia--> I Heard It Through The Grapevine
That was good. I'm not blown away or rushing to vote for you, but your personality is hilarious and if you keep saying "I love you" to everyone, I'm going to demand that you be my BFF.

Katie Stevens--> Big Girls Don't Cry
You need to do something to make me go "WOW, this girl has something special." You're just there to me. It started out in a karaoke bar, and it got better, but I'm still not jumping for joy.

Casey James--> The Power of Love
Ya know... It sounded exactly like the original, but I'm okay with that! It was awesome and you're also in a league of your own right now. PS: Can we switch hair? I like yours better.

Didi Benami--> You're No Good
Who are you? I forget about you every week. You're forgettable. Nothing stands out to anyone. Step it up, quick.

Siobhan Magnus--> Superstition
You are straight up weird when you talk, but when you sing you come to life in such a fun way! Great performance, great vocals.

On another note, why the H Miley Cyrus was the mentor baffles me. She must have been a last minute option or something because she gave no worthy advice, nor does she know what she's talking about when she does.

Also: The Ellen/Ryan kiss was awesome.

So, who's going home?!

Here's my probably bottom 3:

I don't think Paige is going to go home. I think her fanbase will come through big time because she did so terribly. Tim has a lot of little girl fans, I think... Ultimately, I think Didi is forgettable enough to shoot her on outta here.

We shall see tonight! What are your thoughts?! Who should go home?

We shall see tonight!


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