Monday, November 16, 2009

watch: lessons learned when recreating risky business

Sometimes I like to make life lesson posts that include multiple videos demonstrating things we can all learn from.

This video.... Can teach us a couple things.

Watch as two "hotties" try and recreate Risky Business..

WOOOO Okay.. Let me wipe my laughing tears and gain control of myself real quick.

Lesson #1: Don't lube up a wood floor while you record a video you most likely plan to put on the Internet.
Lesson #2: Don't go full force into the slide.
Lesson #3: Don't trust your friend to hide your embarrassing moment from the world.
Lesson #4: If your friend just fell on her ass, you probably want to be careful and move slowly.
Lesson #5: If you think you're hott enough to be great at this, put the camera in front of you. Show the guys your goodies when you fall.
Lesson #6: Just wear socks on a regular wooden floor.

Ohhh girls who think they're the hottest ish on this planet... They think they do everything perfect.

One thing you did do perfectly: Make me laugh.


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