Monday, November 16, 2009

nifty: x-rated onesies for your baby

When I first saw these I thought "My goodness, this is terrible!" Then the redneck/trailer trash side of me came out, I think.

Suddenly, I think these are some of the most hilarious things I have seen in a while and I want to buy some for my friends who are baby mamas and daddies. [I can't wait for one of them to thank Auntie Beth.]

These little onesies say things that may be inappropriate for an infant child, but who cares?! They don't know any better, and it'll create interesting conversations.

The "Jon Gosselin Onesie"

My favorite:

How can you NOT think these are great and hilarious?! The Maury Show pieces would be perfect to add to this collection, too.

If any of my friends get mad when I sneak attack one on their baby, they can kiss... Well... They know what they can do.


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