Tuesday, November 17, 2009

morning hangover 111709

Good morning and welcome to Tuesday!

Let's just kick it off, shall we?

  • "I'm sorry maam, but I think you should know your kid sucked on a ball of cocaine today."
  • The new kind of boob job: A bra surgically inserted to keep them perky.
  • Really low on money for Thanksgiving this year? Good thing you can feed 8 for $20 from Walmart!
  • IMAX theater here I come!! Donate an old cell phone and get free admission! I have extras for you, too!
  • We can bring signs to FedEx Field again! Apparently they don't want to disappoint or control us.... Too late.
  • Another reason for the Redskins to cheer: We officially don't have to change our team's name.
  • The naked Olympics: Good or bad thing?!
  • For the waiter/waitresses: 5 things every server should do. [Make sure to check out the most annoying customers, too.]
  • Forget the hookah bar, go to Portland and play in the marijuana cafe.
  • A record broken: Oldest graffiti artist ever. He's double the age of the previous guy.
  • The Snuggie Sauna: Helping you burn 600 calories in 15 minutes.
  • Don't lose your friends by doing one of these friendship killers.
  • Hayden's new wig look= No bueno to me.
  • This is absolutely taking the rat tail look too far.
  • Everyone wants a good pair of Chuck Norris pants.
  • Remind me to take notes from this turtle next time I try to breakdance.
  • I could have sworn hippos were cute and crocodiles were the scary ones.
  • Why not buy a million dollar car and run it into the river?

  • John Cusack drops the f-bomb like it's nothing on the Early Show. [2:45 in..]

  • This poor little girl is going to have no friends on her team, but at least the parents know it's cute.

  • I can honestly say that if I were in Union Square, I would want nothing more than to see hundreds of elves dance together.

  • This has got to be the weirdest reaction I have ever seen a winner give.

Everyone have an amazing Tuesday! I'll be here for your pleasure! I mean... Wait... Uhh...


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