Tuesday, November 17, 2009

watch eTV: finding RWDC, the ish she shoulda shown part 2

The Real Worlders are long gone at this point, but I still have videos that I haven't posted! It's all being called "The Ish She Shoulda Shown," and this is the second installment!

Really... These videos are coming from the last week the roommates were in the city. It was a little harder than usual to get videos because A) We were just trying to enjoy our time with them before they left and B) production didn't exactly want us being around to "spoil" their moments.

This episode is from the Wednesday night before they left, when Ty and Josh went to Tattoo for an 80's party being hosted by Kelly Ann Collins. Lance and I ventured up there for the first time and helped celebrate the summer by buying lots of shots. [Lance did, anyway.]

If you're wondering about the note-- I couldn't email them or get in contact at all. I really wanted to hang with some of them away from cameras if at all possible, so that's what I was trying to do. Then I realized there was no way Ty would remember that note the next day.

Thanks for watching, following, retweeting, etc! You da bomb!

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