Tuesday, November 3, 2009

tunes on tuesday 110309

The one special thing about Tuesdays is that it means TUNES ON TUESDAY! I'm on a roll with these again, thank goodness! Let's get to it!

Rihanna ft. Yung Jeezy--> Hard

She definitely has a very different sound than when she first started, and even though I LOVE the old Rihanna, I do enjoy this song. She's probably going to come back HARD. ;)

Shontelle--> Licky

This is the same girl with the "T-Shirt" song?! Interesting. It totally had me bumpin from the beginning, even if it's a pretty stupid song lyric-wise from what I can tell as of now.

Adam Lambert--> For Your Entertainment

Woah. SO not what I was expecting. It doesn't show off his singing ability AT ALL. I know I've been a Glambert hater, but I totally expected him to come out with some bangers. This isn't terrible, it's just not as good as I expected. Uh oh.

Fabolous ft. Keri Hilson--> Everything, Everyday, Everywhere

Ummm.... Hm. I don't hate this song. I just don't love it. It's kinda boring, I feel.

Now for the Country song links:

Jimmy Wayne--> Sara Smile
This is a remake of the oldies classic, and it sounds pretty close to identical I feel. Meh, I guess that means it's good!

Phillip Thomas--> Livin' Life At The Bottom
I like the meaning and lyrics of this song, I just don't know how I feel about his voice. He's awfully nasally.. Hopefully I can warm up to it.

Chris Young--> Joy Ride
This is fun and I enjoy it. The end.

James House--> I Love You Man
It's pretty country, but it's funny. It's not at all what you expect from the title, which makes the chorus even funnier the first time you hear it.

Jerrod Neimann--> One More Drinking Song

Note to all people who say Country music is all about being depressed: False. I think there's more drinking songs than anything, and here's one more. He totally invented a new drink name and I love it.

Singletree--> Ms. What's Her Name

Yep. This is a good one. Love the lyrics, sound, beat, everything.

Also! Don't forget Carrie Underwood's new album "Play On" is out today! I'm pumped!!

And my friends Lovesick Radio finally released their debut full-length album "Heartbreak 4 Dummies" that is totally worth your time and money. They rock. They've also got this new music revolution thing they're doing where you can own a piece of them... literally! So, yeah.. Check it out. For me and for them. :)

Have fun listening! Make sure to do a dance or to naked in front of your mirror!


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