Tuesday, November 3, 2009

my halloween on facebook

If you don't follow me on Twitter, and you're not my Facebook friend, then you probably don't know that my camera was stolen Halloween night. It's probably the biggest buzz kill ever when that happens.

Because it had all of my Halloween pictures from the past week on it, I was extra upset, and ended up going into an empty room upstairs in my friends' house and falling asleep super early, instead of enjoying my usually-crazy weekend in Morgantown. [Which made me even more pissed in the morning..]

Anyway, I had a ton of pictures I took that I wanted to share of the skanks, hookers, creative people, sluts, etc that I saw all weekend, but obviously now I can't. Instead, I raided all of my friends' Facebooks looking for some fabulous costumes to share.

To be honest, I have to say it... I'm a little disappointed in the overall collection, and I wish people took pictures of randoms like I do. BUT... I'll forgive you guys. Especially because you have to forgive me for stealing your pictures and using them.

First up: Here are my 3 costumes from the weekend.

I realized on the third night that I basically dressed up as dudes all weekend... But that's fitting because really... I am part guy.
If you can't tell, I was Superman, a Mountaineer football player, and Sherlock Holmes. Minus the football player, I made them all entirely from scratch, and I'm pretty freakin' proud of it, so this is me bragging, and that's you dealing with it.

Another thing I'm proud of- The costume Mikey P and I made for him. We're a pretty creative family when we put our minds to it.

T-Pain, ON A BOAT!!! Get it?!
It totally just sat on his hips like magic! Those are suspenders, not straps to hold it up. It even came equipped with a coozie to keep his drink cold! [Which, because he somehow ended up a good kid and doesn't drink, ranged from apple juice, to water, to Mountain Dew, to Gatorade all night.]

And now onto my fraynds, and their friends:

And these I pick as some of my faves:

Just overall great.

Hilarious // creative.

"All That and a bag of chips" on the right.

You can write on his Wall!! // Creative!

In real life they looked even better and had the girls of the cast!

Fabulous couple costume // Random hilarious

The Real Housewives of Woodbridge carry guns // Calvin and Hobbes

Thanks to my friends for letting me put you on blast! And for making it so I got basically nothing done the past 48 hours because I spent it looking at your pictures.

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!!!


PS: I am TOTALLY offering a reward for someone to just send me my pictures that were on my camera. I won't even be mad, and you can keep the camera. Please just email me the pictures anonymously or something.

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GlitrVamp said...

Oh snap, I was not expecting to see EB (dressed as a 20's gangsta next to his flapper girl) up on your site! *Reminiscent sigh* What up EB?