Wednesday, November 4, 2009

nighttime hangover 110409

So... It's a little late to be getting over a hangover but ya know.. Sometimes it happens to the best of us. I personally put the blame on WTF Tuesday at McFadden's.

Anyway, Happy Hump Day!!!

  • I'm starting with this because it's really, really good, and made me laugh out loud.... Things women think during sex.
  • Who's the worst influence in Hollywood?! Apparently Miley Cyrus.
  • There are some things that under no circumstance should a woman under 30 even think about doing.
  • If you're really desperate for a job, you could always watch people wash their hands for hours.... 'Cuz that's always fun.
  • I have never looked forward to Black Friday as much as I am this year... And I'm ready to know the deals!
  • The whole Jon and Kate thing really urks me, and the fact that Jon is talking about all of this on Twitter is even more bothersome. Yet, I'm posting it and telling you to read.
  • One of the first impressions you get of a man is his bedding. [Assuming you go to his house.] What does it say about him?!
  • Any item that claims to have someone's sweat on it should be included in the most hilarious Ebay auctions of all time.
  • We all know how much I love the 90s... So here are the top 20 style icons of my favorite decade.
  • Brett Favre injured his groin, and his coach loves to talk about how they rubbed it.
  • Want to know what your poop says about you? There's an app for that.
  • I 100% disagree with this survey, but maybe it's because the Americans didn't conduct it. It's the sexiest accents in the world.
  • Just some more Lady Gaga WTF
  • If I ever saw my family or neighbors doing this, I'd run for my life.
  • This just looks like something I want to do right now
  • Before you hop a fence, you might want to know what's on the other side first.

  • I shall share this for two reasons- My ginger ex-roommate, and so I don't feel so alone with my Narcolepsy.

  • Top Chef got a little raunchy with Natalie Portman!

That'll do it! I think I'm feeling refreshed already! Expect some late-night blogging! Sorry for today's delay!


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