Monday, November 30, 2009

christmas gift ideas: part two

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, along with Black Friday, it's time to really start cracking down on this whole gift-buying thing. After all, there are only 26 days until Christmas!!!!

As you should know, I'm here to help. It's time for part two of my completely random, but totally rad gift ideas.

The Happy Man Bottle Stopper
My mom would probably say this is "crass, disgusting, terribly inappropriate," but I say it's absolutely hilarious and perfect for any household. Plus, you can get the Happy Man in corkscrew or bottle opener if you'd like to have a whole set!

The Borat Mankini
You may think this is rather disgusting for your man, but I think it'll make everyone jealous they don't have one for themselves.

The Shot Carver
I have the molds to make ice-shots, and while it was pretty fun to make them for about two parties, I had to admit one thing: They were way too cold, melted too fast, and were too sloppy and wet. That's why I'm switching to this... Carve a shot glass into fruit, or anything your imagination leads you to.

Tetris Ice Cube Tray
Anything Tetris= Fun, duh. I know I said shaped ice cubes were wet and sloppy before, but just imagine the fun you could have with these!

The Glitter Gun
Maybe this is more for a New Years celebration [and I'm sure McFadden's would love it if I brought a couple dozen of these things], but it's awesome for any occasion, especially if it's not at your house. Fill this gun up with glitter, pull the trigger, and BAM! A cloud of glitter comes out for everyone to enjoy.

DIY Straws
Remember when those hard, shaped straws were all the rage?! You'd watch your drink go up, around, down, and into your mouth! Now it's path is in YOUR control! Take these straws, build them up into anything you'd like, long or short, and drink your drink! It could be the start of a great tournament or drinking game.

That's all for this post! 6 super sensational and stupendous gift ideas for this holiday season!


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