Monday, November 30, 2009

watch: us pole dancing championships

I never thought I'd say this, but this video is making me extremely jealous of strippers, and makes me want my own in my bedroom pronto.

Apparently the US Pole Dancing Championships happened last week, and the ladies brought their best moves.

I know I said before that pole dancing in the Olympics would be absolutely ridiculous and absurd, but I think I take that back.

Do you see what they're doing?! [Well, of course you do... And hopefully the fellas kept it in their pants.] They're so strong, yet they have perfectly normal bodies! How do they get so lucky?!

I have so many questions! Who coaches them? Do they practice for ___ hours a week? Is this their job? Were they gymnasts? How bad does it hurt their thighs?!

If there are any pole dancers out there, let me know! I want to know things! I want to learn things!


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