Monday, October 12, 2009

watch: lady gaga fighting for gay rights in dc

Finally... A Lady Gaga post that doesn't revolve around her being weird.

She was in DC this week for the Human Rights Campaign dinner Saturday night and the National Equality March on Sunday to act as the "gay rights pop icon."

This video is her performance at the HRC dinner Saturday night. [For those of you who love to follow RWDC, Mike was in attendance.] She sings John Lennon's "Imagine," but adds her own twist. She changed some of the words to fit the moment.

"People of the nation,
Are you listening?
It isn't equal if it's sometimes...
I want a real democracy.
Imagine all the people
Could love equally..."

She sounds amazing. Very beautiful. I have nothing bad to say about it. How could I?!

Here is her speech from yesterday:

This makes me confirm in my head she's on drugs because of the random twitches, but it's an awesome speech. The random freak out/scream to Obama at 2:45 is actually good, too. It's all about getting someone's attention, right?!

So, if Gaga is the lady they went to help lead this march to victory, more power to her. I'm rooting for her the entire way.


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