Monday, October 12, 2009

woah kelly clarkson

Before I write this post I want to make one thing clear: I love Kelly Clarkson. She's my favorite to come from American Idol [partly because she was the first] and I have always loved that she was a little thicker than the rest. It showed she was real.

There is something to be said, though: Thick like she was in the beginning: Cute. Looking bigger than thick, with no make-up on, and all around rough: Not cute.

When you're in the spotlight, people are going to pick apart your image. I know it's hard to always look good, but she should really try and look better sometimes.

Seriously... These pictures have me thinking it's not real. I even say "ew" out loud when I look at them.

C'mon homegirl.... Get it together. Be the Kelly Clarkson you were from the beginning, without letting yourself go.


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