Friday, October 23, 2009

watch: how to use the gthrust

This post is totally borderline XXX, but I'm going to keep in on this main page because it's more funny than real.

This is the instructional video for a sex toy called the GThrust. Basically, it's ankle cuffs for the girl, and a weapon for the boy.

"For couples who like to do doggy style" had me rollin'!

I was all pumped up for whatever was about to be shown to me when they said the issue it would fix... Then I saw them wrapping Velcro around her ankles and it's just too weird to me.

Wouldn't it pull on your legs and be uncomfortable?! THAT'S what I'd end up focusing on. The guy would totally use this to HIS advantage and go as hard as he could.

Basically, I don't see this thing helping my sex life any, but the video kept me wildly entertained for 5 minutes, so thank you GThrust. For nothing.


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