Friday, October 23, 2009

snyder wants zorn to quit

As most of us already know, Jim Zorn was stripped of his play calling duties after the team lost to the winless Chiefs Sunday. Vinny Cerrato had highly encouraged Zorn to give up what Zorn loved most about his job. But the story goes a lot deeper than that.

To read the rest of the story from Mikey P, click here!

PS: We're doing our first contest on love, elizabethany!

For the next week we're accepting pictures of Jim Zorn and/or Dan Snyder with speech bubbles like the one above! All Redskins fans are encouraged to take pictures of the two and add their own captions/speech bubbles and send them to elizabethanyy [at] gmail [dot] com or mikeyp [at] loveelizabethany [dot] com!

Winner will win a Redskins bag filled with tons of goodies that any fan will love, even through these rough times!

You may submit as many pictures as you'd like! All will be posted on the site! Good luck!

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