Monday, October 5, 2009

nifty?: the boob scarf

Just when I thought the Asian people couldn't outdo themselves [Okay wait... I don't know that I'll ever thing that at this point], they've done it again.

We all know every other country seems to be way more in tune with sex and naked bodies and stuff, but to combine such things with winter clothing... Well... It's just... A little weird.

I present to you the boob scarf.

It wraps around your neck and the ends land perfectly in front of your chest. They're thicker and more round than the rest of the scarf, and oh yeah... They have nipples. They also have booby tattoos, in case you wanted to get real crazy with it.

There's different colored nipples if you want to get realistic, or you can get the all green ones so maybe people won't notice the boobs literally dangling from your neck.

I wonder if they'll come out with a boob scarf bra next? Maybe it could be some sort of winter coat.

Aye yi yi.


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