Monday, October 5, 2009

watch: lady gaga on mtv boiling points

I'm beginning to wonder how many times we saw Lady Gaga before she was the trainwreck.. I mean... Crazy lady that she is today.

Someone spotted her on an old episode of MTV's Boiling Points! Long, brown hair... Seemingly normal... Who knew that little Stefani Germanotta would one day be hanging from a rope with fake blood coming out of her on the very same network?!

Is it just me or is it crazy to think this is the same person?!

I guess this is how she made her big break, though! Maybe she met "the right person" from MTV and they helped her make it in life.... If ya know what I'm sayin'...

Okay, that's wrong. She's talented. Weird, but talented... Kinda. She makes good songs, I mean!


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