Friday, October 9, 2009

morning hangover 100909


I know it's the afternoon, but yesterday was Thirsty Thursday... I thought I'd give all of us a little "me-time" this morning to recover. Now, let's have some fun on the internet!

  • The crazy cat lady in me loves every bit of these rockstars with cats.
  • CONGRATS to DC for being the #1 brainiest "state"!! MD is also on the list, but where's VA?!
  • 25 actors and actresses who are way past their expiration date.
  • Hmmm.. Sex positions that ladies thing the fellas like, but they don't.
  • More sex: Myths that guys believe.
  • Anddd even more: The diet to follow to have better sex.
  • Are you like me and get a lot of speeding tickets? Maybe it's because you drive one of these cars.
  • Drunk? Just call your 13 year old kid to come pick you up.
  • "Whatever" has always been one my least favorite words and I hate when people say it to me. Apparently I'm not alone.
  • Miley Cyrus+Notorious BIG= A great song!

  • Here's a good idea for your kids' birthday present: A teddy bear featuring a vagina.
  • More disturbing: A teddy bear made of real placenta. Gross.
  • Hmmm.. Maybe he shoulda looked before he leaped.
  • Can you see what's wrong with this picture?!
  • Forget Jesus... People are finding Michael Jackson in random places.
  • Suri Cruise is the cutest freakin' kid ever.
  • Why get a car that everyone has?! Customized cupcake cars for $25K are so much better.
  • Woah. Imagine waking up to a clown-deer on your front porch.

  • This boy "pops it" better than Beyonce! Oh SNAP!!

Alright! That's enough to get you through to the weekend!! Have a great one!!


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