Thursday, October 8, 2009

morning hangover 100909

Good mornin, y'all! :) It's Thirsty Thursday! Let's make time go a little faster so we can make it to happy hour tonight, shall we?

  • Here are 22 things that men must teach their sons about women and relationships such as "your legs don't really need to be open that wide."
  • Why try and be "Miss USA" when you can be named Miss Plastic- the girl with the best fake boobs.
  • The 5 stages of a relationship: So accurate and funny.
  • Imagine: The NFL coaches as the characters from The Office.
  • Bonus: The Big East Teams as TV shows. [The Mountaineers= SNL because "For some reason you always expect it to be great, but many times it just disappoints. But when a good host is on, or when a new Digital Short is made, the show could be legendary." Unfortunately, I agree.]
  • Headline: Bag of Cocaine Shot Out of Suspect's Butt
  • The 15 biggest internet jackasses of all time... And yes, Kanye is included.
  • Not sure who comes up with things like this, but it's an entire blog devoted to celebs with manboobs.
  • An even better website: Awkward boners caught on camera.
  • Biggest. Puppet. Ever. in "The Berlin Reunion"
  • The table has turned for the Simpson sisters... Now Jessica is the 3rd wheel.
  • For some awful reason, they're making doggy lingerie nowadays.
  • Want to blow on your phone and magically have girls' dresses fly up in the wind? There's an app for that.

  • Do you laugh at ridiculous audition clips from American Idol and such?! Check out homeboy on So You Think You Can Dance

  • The best way to see which fast food restaurant is best: Have your mascots do a dance-off.

The end! Enjoy your day everyone!


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