Wednesday, October 7, 2009

watch: ways to get pumped about the redskins

When typing that title, I just thought of an idea: Doing a top 10 list of ways to get the Redskins back to being a team everyone loves to love.... Hmmm....

Anyway... I saw on Chris Cooley's blog yesterday [while trying out this super-sweet chatroom they just added! I talked to Tanner for like 5 seconds to test it out... He rocks.] this Redskins Rap video!

It's from Remy, the same dude that made the "Arlington Rap" which was hilarious. He's about to become a DC legend for music videos like these.

How perfect is that?! I love every second of it. I especially like from 2:15 on. It speaks only the truth about the Redskins and us fans. I shall quote it numerous times throughout the season.

This guy is freakin' good. He's funny and he's got some rapping talent. I enjoy him. I wonder if he could make one about the Real World DC?! It may be too late...

On another note... This video reminded me of a video my brother and his friends made about 2 years ago to "Crank That Redskin." It's not super fancy, but I think it's kinda funny. They made a dance up and everything, so watch and learn:

I wonder how he'll feel when he sees this posted on here.. Teeheehee.

So I hope these videos helped all of you Redskins fans laugh a bit. A lot of you are feeling uber down on the team, but let's not get pessimistic yet! The season isn't even halfway over, and even if it was- There's always next year.

[But uhh... We DO need to make some changes. *cough* New owner *cough* What?!]


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