Thursday, October 15, 2009

life lessons 101509

Ohh it's been too long since I've done a life lessons post!

I have a theme for today's class: Hotties. Or... those who think they are, anyway.

1. Just because your friend says it's an easy trick to do in the talent show, doesn't mean you should try it on concrete.

2. Dancing on the counter while filming a reality show probably won't get everyone's attention...

...but falling off of it will!

3. Don't celebrate too hard when you get a strike in bowling.


4. When skateboarding, it's always best to wear the proper shoes. Flip flops= Not your best bet.

5. THINKING about flipping into a pool is almost as dangerous as giving the idea a try.

6. This is the best one... Do not think you are the sexiest thing at the pool and strut your stuff. There's a reason you're not on the runway.

There's nothin' better than seein' babes fall on their face, I guess! Hopefully they learned their lesson!


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