Friday, October 16, 2009

nifty: the slouchback

This is GENIUS.

They say it's mostly for college kids who want to turn their beds into instant couches, but I say the possibilities are ENDLESS!

It's called the Slouchback, and it's an inflatable "device" that is the back of a couch, instantly turning any area into a couch.

You can literally take it anywhere and sit comfortably as if you're in your own living room!

How CLEVER!!! Did I mention there are cup holders?! AND! It comes in TONS of different colors, even HOT PINK!

I think the most useful part about it all [besides the cup holder, of course] is that it can take away the awkwardness of hanging on your bed with a new prospect! Imagine: You take them to your room, they're a little nervous at first, then you show them the "couch." When it's time to get hot and heavy, it's a bed... That easy!!

All it costs is $100! That's nothing compared to a couple hundred that it would cost for an actual cost, and this one is totally portable! I say DEAL!

Santa, Sugar Daddy, someone.... I want this. Kthanks.


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