Thursday, October 15, 2009

nifty: package boosting jeans

I love a good pair of jeans on a guy. It can seriously take him from zero to hero in hottness if they compliment his package.

That being said, I normally love a pair of Express jeans for men, but I think I have moved on to a new favorite.

Ladies and gentlemen, check out Calvin Klein's "Body Jeans."

These jeans may not look like anything special at first, but the way they're tailored and styled bring the attention to the goods. For those of you men who might think "Yikes, my goods aren't good enough to be flaunting to everyone," that's okay! These pants have the "equivalent to a water bra."

They have a little extra fabric/padding at the fly to create a slight, barely noticeable budge. All it's going to do is enhance your natural shape, pretty much.

The butt pockets are also designed to make your butt look a little more in shape, less saggy, and more grab-able. [Yes, we like a guy to have a nice butt, too.]

Basically.... It's all the slightly-enhanced clothing that women wear to attract you in a pair of jeans. AKA GENIUS!

I advise every male to buy a pair of these pronto. I also advise them not to come anywhere near me while wearing them unless they want to get tackled.


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