Thursday, October 15, 2009

balloon boy is a rapper

If you haven't heard, a 6 year old boy decided to take a trip in the sky this afternoon via homemade gigantic helium balloon.

Helicopters and tons of rescue squads and media personnel followed this balloon as it went 3,000 feet into the sky, floated around, and eventually came down in a large farm field. The whole time, it was assumed the boy was in the balloon.

Turns out [and you can totally tell just by looking at the balloon but for some reason people didn't catch on] he wasn't in the balloon. Everyone panicked, blah blah blah.

Where was he? Hiding in a box in his attic. For hours. While the entire nation freaked out over this boy.

None of that is even the interesting part. This family, the Heenes, were on an episode of Wife Swap, and known as a very odd family, to say the least.

If that's not "coincidental" enough... The 6 year old boy, Falcon, is also a rapper! Him and his brothers made this "nice" little music video about how they're not pussified... But pajamas are.

I have no idea what they're saying, but the fact that it's about "pussification" and their parents are involved... And oh yeah... They're only 6 and up!!!!!... Ummm, it's just not okay. I don't even know if I'm allowed to be saying that word right now.

I'm glad Mr. Balloon Boy is okay... But I am pretty sure it was a publicity stunt of some sort. Maybe they want to be the next Jon and Kate since, oh by the way, their show is officially coming to an end. Thank goodness.


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