Thursday, October 15, 2009

morning hangover 101509

Good morning, darlings! Happy THIRSTY THURSDAY!

  • Imagine being in jail for 9 years and being known as a murderer for 6 years after for a crime you didn't commit.
  • I'm totally a repeat offender, each night: White girls who go gangster
  • Is your fantasy to be the main character in a super erotic novel? It's possible.
  • Sometimes you just have to ask a girl "WTF?!"
  • Bored? You won't be if you go to this website. You'll spend hours asking it what you should do and checking out the options.
  • I'd make my boyfriend get probation for 2 years if he stabbed my fish, too.
  • Dear Hip-Hop-ers... Your bling is ridiculous.
  • You don't have to look ridiculous to dress like Lady Gaga.
  • You can find more than just your neighborhood on Google Earth. They actually have really cool things to check out.
  • Sometimes Michael Jackson costumes are actually creepier than MJ himself was.
  • In case you care, Bachelorette Trista Sutter is still hott, even after baby:
  • Is your girlfriend cheating on you? Find out via this flow chart:
  • No matter what you think or someone may tell you, this is never an OK thing to wear
  • Is this what the movie is really going to be about?! GIRLS GONE Wild?!

  • Everyone's been this guy once or twice. Ya know, the uber drunk that just wants some more to drink...

And that's gonna do it! Have a fabulous morning!


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